Car Financing Rates

RefiPayment provides car financing solutions for people with good or bad credit and with more than 100 years of combined industry experience, it’s something we’re passionate about. We understand the effort required to secure an auto loan with competitive rates – especially if you’ve had some credit issues. In fact, auto finance companies that are willing to lend money to individuals with poor credit for an auto loan do so at higher interest rates to offset the presumed risk they take on. If you purchased a vehicle and have been faithfully making payments over the past six months, you could refinance and get a better interest rate.

Lower Car Financing Rates Saves You Money

Are your car payments too high to manage? Do you think that you could be paying less each month on your auto loan? If so, refinancing your loan could be the right choice. We know that when done the right way, refinancing an auto loan can be a good move. Some of the most apparent advantages include:

  • Qualifying for a better interest rate
  • Reducing your monthly payment
  • Increasing or decreasing the repayment term
  • Reduced finance charges over the term of the loan

Compare Rates and Choose the Best One

Refinancing your car loan could save you money but how can you be certain you’re getting the best deal? Researching auto finance companies and comparing car financing rates takes time but our unique lending platform makes it easy. We understand that it can be challenging to drive around town and apply for an auto loan in person at more than one bank or credit union. Additionally, no matter what your FICO score may be, most people prefer some form of anonymity when it comes to personal finances.

At RefiPayment, we’ve simplified the process. Apply online from the convenience of your own home, and let lenders compete for your business. The process works like this:

  1. Complete and submit your information on our secure application
  2. Within minutes you’ll hear from one or more of our direct lending partners.
  3. Compare the offers and decide which one is right for you.

The RefiPayment Difference

We know that you have choices when it comes to finding a lender, but we also know that it takes a significant amount of time to choose one you think offers the best deal. One of our greatest advantages is our network of reputable lending partners. They specialize in refinancing auto loans for individuals and offer competitive car financing rates. Using our process allows you to submit your information online then sit back and wait to hear from one or more of our lenders. In fact, you could receive up to four competing offers.

Refinance Today

Interest rates are at historic lows. If you purchased a vehicle at a higher interest rate or if you had bad credit when you purchased your car, refinancing could save you money. With RefiPayment, the process is simple and convenient. Just complete our easy online application and you could receive one or more offers from our lending partners. It’s quick, easy and convenient.