Benefits of Car Refinancing

There are several things to consider when refinancing your car. Maybe you purchased a car without thoroughly investigating options for financing but now you’d like to see if you can secure a better rate. It’s possible that your bad credit limited the number of lenders willing to provide you with financing at the time of your purchase. Interest rates have dropped from the time you originally purchased your car. If these scenarios sound familiar or if you think you’re paying too much for your car, it’s time to refinance.

RefiPayment works with a network of reputable lenders that specialize in auto refinancing. Apply once and you could receive up to four refinancing offers. Choose the best option and start saving money on your next payment. Car refinancing will allow you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Lower monthly payment
  • Free up cash
  • Shorten term
  • Reduce finance charges

Lower Monthly Payment

The most common reason people refinance their cars is to lower monthly car payments. If interest rates are lower now than they were when you purchased your vehicle, you could get approved for a better interest rate. Rates are at historic lows and RefiPayment has access to a network of nationally recognized lenders that compete for your business.

Our car refinancing process is easy and fast. Simply apply online and you could receive multiple offers in minutes. Why limit your opportunity to one bank or one credit union. With RefiPayment, lenders compete for your business.

Free Up Cash

A lower monthly car payment means more free cash. If you can secure financing with a better interest rate or better terms, your monthly payment could be lower. Save hundreds, even thousands, over the life of your loan by applying today and refinancing your auto loan. Get multiple offers from our lending partners and accept the one with the best rate and term.

Shorten Term

If saving money is your primary motivation, refinancing your current loan into a shorter term could save you thousands while eliminating debt. Imagine no more car payments. And, if you qualify for a lower rate, your payment may still be very manageable.

Get Started Today

If you think you may be paying too much for your auto loan, it’s time to take action. Car refinancing with RefiPayment gives you the opportunity to receive multiple loan offers from our network of reputable lenders and the power of choice. Apply now, it’s quick, easy and convenient!