Calculate your savings

Knowledge is power so at RefiPayment we equip you with useful tools and resources to help you gain a better understanding of car loan refinancing. Within a matter of seconds, our auto refinance calculator will help you see just how much you can save by refinancing your auto loan. Simply input the required data and our handy calculator does the rest. Input fields include:

  • The loan amount
  • Payment terms (in months)
  • Your interest rate

Reduce Your Monthly Auto Expenses

Input different variables into our auto refinance calculator and see how much you could save. By changing the payment terms and your interest rate you can get entirely different payment amounts. If reducing the amount of money you spend in monthly auto loan payments is important, see how much a lower interest rate would help you achieve your goal. You can also see how lengthening the repayment term reduces your monthly auto loan payments.

Lower Your Payments Today

Our lending platform allows you to apply now and receive loan offers quickly. In fact, the process is so streamlined that many of our customers receive offers within minutes. Once approved, one or more lenders will e-mail you the terms of your new loan. Choose the one that’s best for you and start saving money.

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